Robert L. Glicksman

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J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law
2000 H Street, NW
Washington, District Of Columbia 20052
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Robert L. Glicksman is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on environmental, natural resources, and administrative law issues. A graduate of the Cornell Law School, his areas of expertise include environmental, natural resources, administrative, and property law. Before joining the law school faculty in 2009, Professor Glicksman taught at the University of Kansas School of Law, where he joined the faculty in 1982 and was named the holder of the Robert W. Wagstaff Distinguished Professor of Law in 1995. Professor Glicksman has practiced with law firms in DC and New Jersey before joining and while on leave from academia, focusing on environmental, energy, and administrative law issues. He has consulted on various environmental and natural resources law issues, including work for the Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in Montreal, Canada.

Professor Glicksman has extensive publications in his areas of expertise. He is co-author of two law school casebooks, Environmental Protection: Law and Policy (6th ed. Aspen Publishers) and Administrative Law: Agency Action in Legal Context (Foundation Press); the four-volume treatise, Public Natural Resources Law (2d ed. Thomson/West); two monographs, Risk Regulation at Risk: A Pragmatic Approach, and Pollution Limits and Polluters’ Efforts to Comply: The Role of Government Monitoring and Enforcement, both published by Stanford University Press); and Modern Public Land Law in a Nutshell (3d ed. West). He has written numerous book chapters and articles on a variety of environmental and natural resources law topics, concentrating recently on topics such as climate change, federalism issues in environmental law, the challenges facing the federal land management agencies, and environmental enforcement. His articles have been published in law reviews and journals that include the Texas Law Review, Pennsylvania Law Review, the Northwestern University Law Review, the Duke Law Journal, the Vanderbilt Law Review, the Wake Forest Law Review, the Indiana Law Journal, the Stanford Environmental Law Journal, the Virginia Environmental Law Journal, and the Administrative Law Review.

Professor Glicksman has been a member scholar for the Center for Progressive Reform since 2002 and a member of the Center’s Board of Directors since 2008.

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BA, Union College; MA, Harvard University; JD, Cornell University

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