Theodore R. Essex

Professorial Lecturer in Law


2000 H Street, NW Washington DC 20052

Currently an Administrative Law Judge with the United States International Trade Commission, Theodore Essex hears international patent and trademark disputes. Prior to his appointment at the ITC, Judge Essex served as a judge with the Office of Medicare Hearing and Appeals (OMHA), as an attorney with the Veterans Administration, and as a JAG officer in the United States Air Force. Judge Essex has extensive experience as a trial attorney, starting in private practice in Cleveland and Marietta, Ohio from 1980 to 1982; then as a public defender for Franklin County Ohio until 1985. While serving in the USAF, Judge Essex spent many years as a trial attorney and trained trial attorneys for the USAF. He concluded his career as the Chief of the General Tort claims division for the USAF and prepared the Air Force’s cases in civil litigation.

BA, Miami University of Ohio; JD, The Ohio State University