Will There Be Justice for George Floyd?

Lessons from the Walter Scott Case

As Derek Chauvin stands trial for murder, the nation is waiting to know, “Will There Be Justice for George Floyd? This begs the question: What does it mean to achieve “justice” in the wake of a police killing?

Join The Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University,  George Washington University Law School, and Justice Innovation Lab for a discussion with people who struggled with this question in the wake of a 2015 police killing, the murder of Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC. They will draw from their experiences during the Scott case, a rare example of where a police officer was successfully prosecuted, and offer their perspectives on what is needed to achieve justice.

The panel includes Anthony Scott (Walter Scott’s brother), Feidin Santana (an eyewitness who videotaped the shooting), Scarlett Wilson (who led the state prosecution team in Charleston), and Jared Fishman (who led the federal prosecution team). Each panelist brings a different perspective on how to better define what “justice” means to a conversation moderated by Laura Jarrett, Anchor of CNN’s Early Start.