Alumni Testimonials


Khelin Aiken, JD ‘10

Khelin Aiken

JD ‘10

"I always look forward to my conversations with Keri. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She helped guide me through the process of my post judicial clerkship search, transitioning from firm to government and government to firm, establishing long-term career goals and salary negotiations. Keri encouraged and supported me in doing the hard work, exercising patience and developing a strategic plan. Her guidance and insight were indispensable elements in my success at finding a new opportunity perfect for me. As a GW Law Alumna, I am delighted that Dean Morant, with the creation of the Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship, has ensured GW Law has a robust career services center that includes a team of staff who work exclusively with alumni."

Catherine Allison

Catherine Allison

JD '13

"I reached out to Keri on the advice of a fellow classmate when I found myself with an interview when I was 9-months pregnant. Keri and I came up with a strategy to talk about the pregnancy in the interview, and she pumped me full of confidence and talked me through some particulars about interviewing in-house at a firm. When I got the job offer, she helped me negotiate maternity leave with my new company. I honestly believe I wouldn't have gotten the job without Keri’s guidance. I always felt like the GW Law Career Center was top notch while I was in law school. It was so great to have Keri’s services now that I'm a few years out of school and dealing with different circumstances."

Siobhan Hawkins, JD ‘18

Siobhan Hawkins

JD ‘18

"I reached out to the Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship one year after graduating from GW Law regarding the next steps in my career. As a recent graduate on a non-traditional track, I was uncertain about navigating my ongoing job search. Keri McCoy became my go-to person. She equipped me with the confidence, networking circle, and interview skills to not only obtain and nail an interview at a Fortune 500 company, but to also get an offer less than 24 hours after my interview. Keri and her team are amazing and I am extremely grateful for all of their help."

Samantha Hsieh, JD ‘16

Samantha Hsieh

JD '16

"Keri was so helpful throughout my job search. Her assistance with my resume and cover letters, job search tips, and feedback during a mock interview were crucial in helping me secure my dream job. I most appreciate her help with interview preparation, as she prepared me for a variety of questions and helped me feel confident and relaxed during my actual interview. Keri is also a genuinely caring individual who is clearly passionate about her job and helping alumni succeed. Overall, I highly recommend Keri and the Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship to any alumnus who is considering a new job."

Beeta Lashkari, JD ‘13

Beeta Lashkari

JD '13

"I had the pleasure of connecting with Keri McCoy after graduating from the law school in 2013. Keri guided and steered me through every step of the job application process, from updating my resume and creating a cover letter that I could tailor to individual employers, to developing an effective strategy and identifying countless resources for my job search, all the way to interview preparation and securing multiple offers! Keri helped me at every stage, advising me on how to get started and what to do next. There were numerous times when I had questions, and I always felt like I could reach out to Keri for answers. Her enthusiasm for providing support, and her confidence in her students, is unparalleled. In particular, I remember running through a mock interview with Keri, in which she asked me questions that were asked verbatim at my real interviews. Being prepared with answers that Keri helped me craft, pulling from experiences and skills that I did not even think to consider, was absolutely game-changing. I saw the difference in results before and after my mock interview. Although the job search process can be difficult, regardless of whether you know what you want to do or your level of seniority, Keri makes it, dare I say, exciting! That the Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship is here and happy to help, with Keri leading the way, is an incredible gift to the entire GW Law alumni community."

Lisa Li, ‘18 JD

Lisa Li

JD '18

"Working with Keri McCoy and the Office Alumni Career Development and Mentorship was a pleasure. I was happy to learn that GW Law now has an office solely dedicated to alumni. Keri was very helpful in conducting a mock interview for my judicial clerkship, and she helped address my unique situation of having a non-linear job path post graduation. Keri knew how to assess the weaker and stronger aspects of my application. She was surprisingly on point regarding the anticipated questions and focus of the interview. She was instrumental in helping me prepare to be the strongest candidate for the role. I believe that I could not have obtained my clerkship without Keri and the Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship!"

Jose Lugo, JD ‘18

Jose Lugo

JD '18

"I contacted the Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship (ACDM) a year before my federal clerkship ended to get a jump start on post-clerkship employment. ACDM helped me through the employment process from beginning to end. First, they set me up with a GW Law alumni mentor who, after our initial meeting, got me an interview at the law firm where I now work. Next, before my interview, ACDM conducted a mock interview with me, teaching me how to frame my experience and accomplishments. Finally, after I received my initial offer, ACDM encouraged me and gave me confidence throughout the negotiation process. After my success, I referred my law school classmate to ACDM, and they were instrumental in helping them secure their new position with a Fortune 500 company, too! All GW Law alumni should be aware that ACDM exists to support them throughout their careers."

Mike Michel

Mike Michel, JD '15

JD '15

"Keri McCoy has been an enormous help in my job search since graduating in 2015. Keri was instrumental in refining my career interests and developing complementary job search strategies. She provided connections, introductions while advising me on how to leverage my own network. Further, once an interview was secured, Keri ensured that I was prepared for every type of question or discussion that could arise. From the standard “tell me about yourself” to how to negotiate compensation consistent with my value. Lastly, and maybe as important as anything else, Keri gave me the confidence to be successful in the interview. Keri knows the legal profession as well as anyone. She knows the market and she defines her success with results – “did you get the offer?” She loves what she does and does it well. If you are searching, talk to Keri. Her goals are the same as yours – to get you the offer. I want to acknowledge and thank Dean Morant for seeing the need for alumni to have an office dedicated solely to their career needs. I have worked closely with Dean Morant over the years, particularly in my capacity as former BLSA President, and his commitment to alumni comes as no surprise to me."

Eva Pulliam

Eva Pulliam, JD '10

JD '10

"I worked with Keri McCoy as a graduating JD student. She walked me through the application process and, during difficult times in the legal industry, she connected me with individuals within GW Law and the greater legal community to push me across the finish line into my current position. As I continue to grow as an attorney, Keri has maintained this relationship with me and counseled and guided me through difficult transitions in my career. From the start of my legal career to my growth in my practice area, office politics, and large moves, Keri has been a steadfast guide, mentor and friend to me. The Office of Alumni Career Development and Mentorship could not have a better leader. This is a gift to all alumni in the GW Law community."