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The GW Law course catalog website enables students and academic advisors to efficiently find and plan courses, and prepare for registration of a given semester. They can then enter search criteria such as course names, areas of study, or keywords related to their academic interests. The website will generate a list of matching courses, along with relevant information such as course descriptions, credits, method of evaluation, and more. Users can filter and sort the results based on their preferences. This tool simplifies the course selection process, enabling students to plan their academic journey as they register for classes.

For upper-level courses where examination is a method of evaluation, faculty have the option to elect either an examination, take-home examination, or another permissible option. Students should always consult the instructor’s course syllabus to confirm the method of evaluation and related details, particularly when more than one instructor is indicated in the course description. Not all courses are offered each year. Students should consult the schedule of classes to determine whether a course is offered in any given semester or summer session.

The course catalog website can be used on mobile and desktop devices. 

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