Full-Time Faculty

Use this directory to find a specific full-time faculty member.

Mary Anne Franks

Eugene L. and Barbara A. Bernard Professor in Intellectual Property, Technology, and Civil Rights Law

Theresa A. Gabaldon

Lyle T. Alverson Professor of Law; Director of Academic Programs and Administration, C-LEAF

Iselin Gambert

Director, Fundamentals of Lawyering Program; Professor, Fundamentals of Lawyering; Faculty Co-Director, Animal Legal Education Initiative

Robert L. Glicksman

J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law

Bethany Gullman

Associate Professor of Fundamentals of Lawyering

Jeffrey S. Gutman

Professor of Clinical Law; Director, Public Justice Advocacy Clinic

Lula Hagos

Associate Professor of Clinical Law; Director of the Criminal Defense and Justice Clinic

Emily Hammond

Glen Earl Weston Research Professor

Susan R. Jones

Professor of Clinical Law

Robin L. Juni

Associate Professor of Fundamentals of Lawyering

Cheryl A Kettler

Associate Professor of Fundamentals of Lawyering

F. Scott Kieff

Stevenson Bernard Professor of Law; C-LEAF Faculty Director